Discover the Secrets Behind SHEATH’s Astounding Growth to $250k/month

In your own words, what does your company do?

SHEATH is a veteran-owned underwear company founded by Robert Patton that just reached their 10 year anniversary. SHEATH provides ultra durable hassle free men’s boxer briefs that provide superior comfort with their dual pouch system, invented to separate the man parts from the inner thigh region. The innovative design provides secure fit and enhances freedom of movement while providing breathability and temperature control downstairs by eliminating skin on skin contact. SHEATH introduced a women’s line in 2018 by popular demand that consists of about 5% of total sales. SHEATH has a 100% money back guarantee on the first pair and prioritizes customer service second only to our product quality. As a brand we promote a healthy lifestyle, breaking personal limitations and excelling in the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. Primary sponsorships include Martial Artists, Podcasters, YouTubers, and Comedians.

📈 Monthly revenue: Over $250,000 on average per month.

📈 ~% Churn: 70% new customer ratio

📈 ~% Net profit: 10%

📈 Funding: N/A

📈 Initial cost/investment to start the company: $5,000 plus a successful kickstarter of 13,000

📈 Number of team members: 9

📈 Number of founders: 2

📈 Started 2013-2014

How does the company make money?

💰 We sell underwear for money

3 strategies that have worked to attract and retain customers? 

✅ We sponsor podcasters who have an intellectual respect amongst their listeners. They are respected and therefore their advice is taken heavily into account.

✅ We sponsor comedians who can break through the mental resistance to a new product or idea by use of laughter. We sponsor Mixed martial Arts athletes to promote a strong physical fitness image.

✅ We wholeheartedly believe in the product and share our opinion with our customers genuinely and honestly. Then of course Facebook, Instagram, google marketing etc.

3 things that you’ve learned about hiring and retaining great talent?

So far our team consists of friends and family and for the most part it has worked. Bringing someone on usually starts with them wanting to be a part and us having a position to fill where their experience makes it a good fit. We don’t just bring someone on if there isn’t a gap that needs filling.

That said, in the beginning, we needed $2,000, to pay off the balance on a purchase invoice of our product, and my cousin asked his mom for the money and I gave him 10% of the company in return. That was a horrible idea, I could’ve asked my mom, or used a credit card.

I did learn that giving away or selling equity in the company is the worst way to obtain funds or retain talent. I find that once you have an owner, the status can go to their head and they start thinking they are the boss. I would suggest rather than giving equity or selling it at a very low price, you are better off, taking a loan, borrowing money,  because once they are owners, it is like being married and to get rid of them, you have to go through a legal process similar to divorce which can be stressful and expensive.


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