How Dinosaur House grew to $10k/month

In your own words, what does your company do?

At Dinosaur House, we turn industry leaders into kids’ book authors.

📈 Monthly revenue: $2,000 – $10,000

📈 ~% Churn: N/A

📈 ~% Net profit: About 60%

📈 Funding: N/A

📈 Initial cost/investment to start the company: $2,000

📈 Number of team members: 8

📈 Number of founders: 1

📈 Started 2019, December

How does the company make money?

💰 We take people with large personal brands who’ve never considered making a kid’s book to go through our 5-month story design process where we do everything for them to make them the definitive kids’ book author for their niche.

3 strategies that have worked to attract and retain customers? 

✅ Content-Based Networking all the way. (check out the book by James Carbary for the strategy).

✅ In-person events.

✅ Inbound from podcasting.

3 things that you’ve learned about hiring and retaining great talent?

Instead of trying to hire writers, we look for writing talent from people who have experience entertaining children. So Disney performers tend to make much better writers for kids than people with a career in writing.

The idea of this is to look outside the box at the essential skills required for the job instead of going after people with a resume that job. People with the “resume” are often too expensive for us, and less talented at the essential skills required.

Having a bilingual operator is HUGE for attracting talent outside the US.


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