Pawsome Growth: Unleashing the Success of Furry Fellas Pet Service, LLC to $41.5k/month

In your own words, what does your company do?

Furry Fellas Pet Service LLC offers Daily & Weekly Dog Walking, Exercise & Mid-day Let out Services in addition to Pet Sitting Services (visits to the client’s homes), Overnight Sitting (in the client’s homes), and Pet Wedding Attendant Services (which includes Pet Transportation to/from the wedding venue, etc.). 

We provide our clients with peace of mind that their pets are in the hands of a professional, experienced, and reliable sitter when they can’t be there themselves. Our goal is to keep their pets happy and secure in their home while keeping pet parents up to date and providing them the freedom to focus on their travels, quality family time, work, etc. 

Our team is a group of dedicated and experienced pet care professionals who are passionate about working with and helping animals, their pet parents, and the community.

📈 Monthly revenue: $41,500

📈 ~% Churn: N/A

📈 ~% Net profit: Do not wish to disclose.

📈 Funding: N/A

📈 Initial cost/investment to start the company: Over $500

📈 Number of team members: 25

📈 Number of founders: 1

📈 Started: 2006, May 

How does the company make money?

💰 Daily/Weekly Dog Walking, Exercise & Mid-day let-out Services: This accounts for 50% of our revenue and is our most popular service! Visit price varies by length and the number of visits booked per week and ranges from $21-$42.

💰 Vacation Sitting / Pet Sitting Visits: Our second most popular service is pet sitting visits to the client’s homes, which accounts for 30% of our revenue. Visit price varies by length and the number of visits booked per day and ranges from $20.75-$42.

💰 Overnight Sitting: This service is perfect for clients who prefer someone to stay in their home with their pets while they travel. It accounts for 15%of our revenue and ranges from $90-$115.

💰 Pet Wedding Attendant & Pet Taxi Services: Your big day isn’t complete without your furry family member. This service includes exercising your pup(s), transporting them to and from the picture location/wedding venue, walking with them down the aisle, or remaining on standby as needed. If your fur baby has a special outfit, we can dress them prior to the transport service as well. This service accounts for 5% of our revenue and ranges from $75 and up.

3 strategies that have worked to attract and retain customers? 

✅ We believe in building relationships with our clients by keeping in touch and checking in regularly to see how everything is going.

✅ Our office team/customer support team is held to a high standard always providing professional and exceptional customer service. We have office team members checking in throughout the day 7 days a week to answer questions and handle reservations in a timely manner and monitor the visit check-in and check-out process to ensure all visits are accounted for.

✅ We hire pet care providers who are passionate about working with and helping animals as well as their pet parents and the community. All of our sitters/walkers have prior professional experience working or volunteering with animals and are certified in Pet First Aid & CPR. We also recently incorporated a Certified Pet Sitter – Dog Walker Training program for our team members and continue to offer continuing education courses & training. All of our sitters/walkers are pet parents themselves and will treat your animals as if they are one of their own!

3 things that you’ve learned about hiring and retaining great talent?

✅ Our staff is held to a high standard. We conduct thorough background checks, pre-employment testing, past employment verification, and reference checks. All new team members are welcomed in on a 90-day trial period during which time they will undergo online and in-person training, complete pet first aid and certified pet sitter/dog walker training, and share jobs with our other vetted and established sitters until we are confident that they are ready to take over on their own.

✅ We hire individuals who are pet parents themselves and who are passionate about working with and helping animals. We want to ensure that team members are doing something they love and are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the animals and their pet parents!

✅ Our sitters most appreciate the flexibility in their schedules and being able to take on an amount of work that they are comfortable with and essentially make their own hours. We believe in building our team and offer a variety of certification programs and continuing education opportunities.


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